In English, too: Welcome international students and faculty willing to help with the pirate-free community version management of the Tallinn Tech tennis court!

Täiendavad tervitussõnad eesti keeles...

Feel free to get acquainted to the Hundred Tennis Player Wood community (the Tennise Kontakt community in short referring to the system servicing us, or Tennis Contacts community in English) responsible for saving the Tallinn Tech tennis court from demolition as well as the opportunity to play tennis on campus, by introducing your level of play at the e-mail address shown on the adjacent poster to find an opponent at the most suitable level of play for a trial set, and mentioning your academic program or profession at Tallinn Tech to participate in our academic year ending tournament on Sunday, June 12 (if there are more than just a couple new players willing to join us), or our long summer tournament from the beginning of June to mid-August, or both. The registration deadlines are June 6 and 30, respectively. In August we have a little challenge tournament tradition for the very best of our summer tournament in order to keep every participant motivated.

We value reasonable exceptions. Those of you who find yourselves among administrative staff, but are sure and committed to it that pirate practices like asking competent students for help and hijacking their excellent results alternatively with a goal of administrative theft and fraud do not belong with universities and are in no way acceptable at reliable and motivating educational institutions as Tallinn University of Technology should be for its students, can use the address tenniseturniir at lists ttu ee in June to apply for participation in our tournaments, and we might consider giving one of you per season a try to introduce your commitment to sound principles like the ones mentioned above in our community depending on the results of the administrative staff representative last year.

Important notice: Players participating in events (e.g. the alumni doubles tournament) organized by the Sports Club at Tallinn Tech or supportive of pirate gangs in any other way are not welcome in Tennis Contacts at all. However, as long as the administrative gangsters are in control and you have no way around the so-called Maltech version of using the university tennis court that was rescued from demolition by our community at a request for help from the university sports club and under the terms of a contract protecting our community version of the only possible solution at that time to save the tennis court as well as the last opportunity to play tennis on campus, and the administration of which was brutally hijacked 17 years later by the university administration for the benefit of its paid personnel especially at the sports club as an utterly mean breach of this contract with the students who lent a helping hand when the going was tough for the university, you can still join us after our introductory tournaments by signing our Commitment to Fair Play in the tennis loving community at Tallinn Tech, and of course, we expect this attitude to hold off court, too.

If this welcome message wasn't too long for you then you might be interested in continuing to read about our community and the opportunities for playing tennis that we offer as well as our concerns with the Tallinn Tech tennis court and related concerns TODO: in more detail...